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KAIAU Services

1.How to get the samples?

We will send you the samples by DHL,UPS,TNT or EMS after you confirmed the products you need. Door to Door service. You can get your samples at home.

2.Are samples available for test?

YES. Almost all of our customers will test our samples before placing bulk orders. No risk for you to place big order without knowing the clear quality and detailed specifications of our products.

3.I would like to buy some samples before I would place a big order, is it possible?

Yes, it is better to buy some samples before placing big orders. Usually we will suggest our customers to test our samples before they place orders. We hope that every customers can get the satisfied products from our company.

4.What is the MOQ?

No MOQ limit for samples orders. We hope that our customers can know our products quality well enough through the sample orders.

5.Delivery time.

We keep the promise to ship the products to our customers on time. Mostly, we can ship the products within 17 days.

6.How to handle the defected products?

We admit that there may be some defected products caused by the transportation or some other negligence place. We made great efforts to treat the defected products. We never ignored the defected products. We will make compensation for the loss of our customers. Usually we have two ways to handle the defected products, one is that we make remittance to our customers caused by the loss of the defected products, another is that we resend the good quality products to our customers. In one word, we are always putting the high quality products in the first position and we guarantee that we will ship the high quality products to our customers.

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